Nano Particles Mica Powder

For maximum customer satisfaction, we ensure that the product reaches the customer in the said time slot, owing to our reliable shipping facilities. Our effective and excellent quality analysis helps us in delivering the best in class range of products. Nano Particles Mica Powder is newly developed bt Sewa Shakti Group upto 12 microns.


Quality Code WW NANO-01
Silica as sio2 49.5%
Calcium as cao 0.8%
Total Cebonats as Total Caco3 1.4%
Magnesium as Mgo 1.8%
Iron as Fe2o3 5.84%
Aluminium as Al2O3 24.60%
Loss on Ignition as LOI 4.9%
Sodium as Na2o 1.4%
Potassium as K2o 7.8%
Whiteness 72%±2%
Bulk Density as B.D. 0.52gm/cc
PH Value(at 10 Solution) 7.60
Moisture 0.22
Oil absorption 48.00ml/100gm
Mesh Shev Test At 500 Mesh ISO Pessing 99.6%

Particle Analysis

50% Particle Of 12-14 Microns
97% Particle Of 34-38 Microns



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